MMC Materials

While working for MMC, I was responsible for recreating the company’s brand. It all started with designing a new logo. The key words were “friendly”, “approachable”, “playful” and “professional”. Each colour symbolised a discipline. The company’s website was also redesigned, and so was its corporate literature.

Early website design (left), sample spread from early brochure (right)

For the most recent version of the website, a freelance illustrator was commissioned to create a custom illustration. I was responsive for writing the brief and art-directing. When the illustration was finalised, I created a refreshed design for MMC’s website, and infographic video and new versions of its corporate literature.

Latest version of the website
Cover of the most recent “creds” document

MMC sends a mailer each Christmas. 2018’s mailer revolved around retro gaming. I was responsible for the concept, sourcing the gifts and designing all materials.

Front of card
Inside spread
Back of card