ISTD competition brief, awarded MISTD

With the brief ‘Flatland’, International Society of Typographic Designers challenged designers to create a new version of the novel, that would break away from the conventions of the book format. The novel tells the story of a Square that lives in a flat world, until he is taken to the 3-D one by a Sphere.

The centerpiece of my proposal was a print item which held the text of one of the 22 chapters of Flatland. The print item starts as a flat surface and by unfolding is turned into a 3-D object. There are two more changes of form. Finally, by unfolding once more, it returns to its original form (Flatland), like the main character in the book.

A paper slipcase was designed for the print item, as well as a box packaging solution which would hold the items for all 22 chapters of the book.